Art History Department

Alexandra Hoare

Lecturer in History of Early Modern Art

University of Bristol

From 2013, Alex Hoare has been Lecturer in Early Modern Art at the University of Bristol, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Renaissance and Baroque topics. She is currently finishing a book on the seventeenth-century painter and satirist Salvator Rosa, which builds upon graduate research she conducted under the supervision of Prof. Philip Sohm at the University of Toronto, and which will include the first comprehensive English translation of the artist’s letters. She is also preparing a new project on the phenomenon of autonomy among early modern artists. After graduating from Toronto, she held a three-year post-doctoral fellowship as Research Associate at CASVA (Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts), National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, where she worked with visiting scholars and the Dean on a series of research projects and publications, including the two first volumes of a new critical edition and translation of Carlo Cesare Malvasia’s Felsina Pittrice.

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