Art History Department

John T. McQuillen

Assistant Curator of Printed Books & Bindings

Morgan Library & Museum, New York

John T. McQuillen is the Assistant Curator of Printed Books & Bindings at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York. John completed his dissertation, In Manuscript and Print: The Fifteenth-Century Library of Scheyern Abbey, Bavaria, under Adam S. Cohen and defended in September 2012. John specializes in medieval manuscripts and the European invention of printing, focusing on the physical evidence in books that elucidate their production, history, use, and the implications that their medium had on their readers.

At the Morgan Library, John is in charge of the premier collection of incunabula (books printed before 1501) in North America, including three copies of the Gutenberg Bible. Straddling both the research library and art museum worlds, John teaches classes with rare book materials, assists scholars in their own research pursuits, researches and acquires items for the collection, as well as creates public exhibitions drawn from the rich holdings of the Morgan Library & Museum, across the departments of Printed Books & Bindings, Ancient Seals & Tablets, Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts, Literary & Historical Manuscripts, and Prints & Drawings. Through his work at the Morgan, he has been featured on rare book blogs and in television interviews on the PBS NewsHour and Charlie Rose programs.

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