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The World Picture Conference: Truth

November 10, 2017 @ 8:30 am - November 11, 2017 @ 6:30 pm UTC+0

The World Picture Conference
University of Toronto
November 10 & 11, 2017

*Keynote addresses will be in The Claude T. Bissell, Room 205 (140 St. George Street)
*Panels will be in Innis College, 2 Sussex Avenue (and St. George St.). Innis is just across the street from Bissell.

Friday, November 10
Bissell 205
Registration is in The Claude T. Bissell Building, in front of 205, from 8:30-9:30.

9:30 to 11:00 Opening Keynote
Christina Sharpe (Tufts University), “Black Redaction”


Innis 222
Chair: Kajri Jain
Eugenie Brinkema (MIT), “The Truth in Forming”
Meghan Sutherland (University of Toronto), “Being, Knowing, Counting: Variations on a Theme”
Zachary Campbell (Whitman College), “Cinema and the Form of Facts”
Veronica Fitzpatrick (University of Pittsburgh), “See Something, Say Nothing: Horror, Vision, Get Out”

Innis 312
Chair: John David Rhodes
Scott Richmond (University of Toronto), “Prosthetic Truth: Code and Performativity”
Karla Oeler, (Stanford University), “Altman’s Secret Honor: Monologue, Truth, and Tape Recording”
Anders Bergstrom, “What is Truth in Cinema?: Wittgenstein’s Aesthetics and Bazin’s “Myth of Total Cinema”
Mikki Kresbach (University of Chicago), “Every move counts, so count every move”

1:15 to 2:30 Catered Lunch for Participants (Innis College, 2nd Floor, Cinema Studies Institute)


Innis 222
Chair: John Paul Ricco
Lilia Kilburn (Harvard University), “Looking at himself ceasing to exist:” The Cinematic Death-Wish and Jean-Pierre Bekolo’s Le Président”
Kate Rennebohm (Harvard University), “Jean-Paul Kelly and the Ethics of Belatedness”
Matthew Thompson (University of Toronto), “True Wilderness? On the Frontier of Myth in Capricorn One”
Brian Price (University of Toronto), “Value and Wonder”

Innis 312
Politics I
Chair: Patrick Marshall
Maggie Hennefeld (University of Minnesota), “The Politics of Truthiness: from Satirical Laughter to Absurdist Belief”
Eric Herhuth (Tulane University), “Caricatural Logic in Contemporary Media”
Gordon Sullivan (University of Pittsburgh), “‘A Nice Touch’: Affirmation and the Political”
John Roberts (Georgia State University), “Speculative Figures: Finance Capital and the Post-Crisis Conspiracy Diagram”


Innis 222
Chair: James Cahill
James Cahill (University of Toronto), “Time of the Temp: Aphoristic Economies”
Juan Carlos Kase, (University of North Carolina, Wilmington) “‘Post-Manson Cinema’: An Exegesis of an Aphoristic Fragment from Susan Sontag’s Journal”
René Thoreau Bruckner (Columbia College, Hollywood), “Leavings: The Window and the Aphorism”

Innis 312
Chair: Scott Krzych
Scott Krzych (Colorado College), “Seeing, Saying, Sensing: Holding Patterns in The Homesman (2014)”
Kyle Stevens (Appalachian State University), “Masking the Truth”
Jennifer Pranolo (Amherst College), “Hidden Pictures”
Sarah Osment (New College of Florida), “Truth and Renunciation in Postwar American Poetics”

Saturday, November 11


Innis 222
Chair: Alessandra Raengo
Cooper Long (University of Chicago), “The Origins of Arendt’s Aesthetics”
Alessandra Raengo (Georgia State University), “Abstraction, Extraction, Secretion”
William Davis (The Colorado College), “Beauty is Truth”
Nicholas Fernandes (University of Toronto), “The Operative Space of Strife: Towards the A Whereness of Truth”

Innis 312
Chair: Anjo-mari Gouws
Philippe Theophanidis (Glendon College) “On Truth as a Moment of the False: The Camera Obscura’s Ethos”
Terrance H. McDonald (Brock University), “Cinematic Forms of True-False Dynamics in the Films of Michael Curtiz”
Mal Ahern (Yale University), “The Truth in Printing, or: What is an Error?”
Gregory Flaxman (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), “Truth and Fabulation in an Extra-Cinematic Sense”


Innis 222
Chair: Carrie Reese
Lakshmi Padmanabhan (Brown University), “Becoming Woman, or, a Feminist Ethics of Postcoloniality in ‘Native Women of South India’”
Joshua Neves (Concordia University), “Legality and Legitimacy”
Tajja Isen, (University of Toronto, Law), “Patricia Williams and the Competing Truth Claims of Law”
Carrie Reese (University of Toronto), “Indexical Truth”

Innis 312
Chair: Scott Richmond
Ryan Pierson (University of Calgary), “The New Animation and the New Sincerity”
John David Rhodes (University of Cambridge), “The Prop and its Properties”
Scott Durham (Northwestern University), “A Grin Without a Cat?: Aesthetics and the Politics of Truth in Marker, Foucault, and Rancière”
Adam Kildare Cottrel (Gwinett College), “Liquid Truth(s)”

1:45-3:00: Catered Lunch for Participants (CSI Lobby)


Innis 222
Chair: Nicholas Fernandes
Kristopher L. Cannon, (Northeastern University), “Claiming Fidelity to the Self. Or, ‘Baby, I was Born this Way!’”
Angelo Restivo, (Georgia State University), “The Horizons of Truth Claims in Popular Cultural Production: A Mapping”
Robert Cavanagh (California State, Long Beach) “Hot Takes: Allegory and Argument in Contemporary Sports Media”
Dan McFadden (University of Toronto), “Accident and Narrative: Truth as Structure”

Innis 312
Politics II
Chair: Fan Wu
Kalling Heck (University of Redlands), “Hating Movies”
Scott Birdwise (York University/OCAD), “Post-Truth: The Destruction of Political Experience in the Films of Adam Curtis”
Jenny Gunn (Georgia State University), “The Truth is what you want it to be: Selfie Culture and OOP”
Fan Wu (University of Toronto), “Living the Madness of Truth: Guattari, Schizoanalysis, and Every Little Thing”

5:00-6:30 Closing Keynote
205 Bissell
Kennan Ferguson (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), “The Dissonance Machine”


November 10, 2017 @ 8:30 am
November 11, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

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