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Anderson, Christy MA, PhD

Professor, Renaissance and Baroque Architecture (UT St. George)


My interests in architecture include both the close study of buildings in their physical and cultural settings as well as the more theoretical interpretation of architectural experience and design methods. I am currently working on the meanings of materials in European architecture and a related project on the varieties of architectural experience in the early modern era. I have published on architectural photography, British and Italian buildings, and the history of the architectural treatise. Future projects include the history of Scandinavian buildings and architecture in the global Renaissance.

Areas of Academic Interest
  • Early Modern Architecture
  • Ph.D Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993
Selected Publications
  • The Matter of Renaissance Art: Materials, Technologies, Meanings, edited collection with A. Dunlop (Art History, Tulane) and P. Smith (History, Columbia) Manchester University Press, 2014.

  • Renaissance Architecture  (series: Oxford History of Art)
    Oxford University Press, 2013.

  • Inigo Jones and the Classical Tradition
    Cambridge University Press, October 2006 [hardcover], November 2010 [paperback]
    289 pp.

  • The Built Surface. Vol. 1: Architecture and the Pictorial Arts from Antiquity to the Enlightenment
    C. Anderson, ed.
    Ashgate Press, London, 2002, 296 pp.

  • “Live words and Experience in Early Modern Architecture”
    Architecture, Art and Identity in Venice and its Territories, 1450-1750. Essays in honour of Deborah Howard. Volume II, edited by Naby Avcioglu and Emma Jones
    Ashgate Publishing, forthcoming 2014

  • “Henry Wotton’s Elements of Architecture (1624)”
    The Image Of Venice In Early Stuart England: Perception, Representation, Interpretation
    edited by Deborah Howard and Henrietta McBurney Ryan
    Paul Holberton Publishing, in press and forthcoming October 2013

  • “War Work: English Art and the Warburg Institute”, Common Knowledge vol. 18: no. 1 [journal; Duke University Press]. Special Issue dedicated to The Warburg Library, edited by Anthony Grafton and Jeffrey Hamburger (January 2012), pp. 146-156

  • “Visioni del Barocco inglese negli anni di guerra: il difficile rapporto tra Rudolf Wittkower e Helmut Gernsheim” in Helmut Gernsheim, Messa a fuoco di architettura e scultura, (ed.) Angelo Maggi
    Torino: Umberto Allemandi & C., 2011, pp. 9-47

  • “Words Fail Me: Architectural Experience beyond Language”
    Architecture et Theorie. L’Heritage de la Renaissance
    Institut national histoire de l’art, 2011

  • “Palladio and the Open Work”
    Palladio 1508-2008. Il simposio del cinquecentenario
    Marsilio, 2009, pp. 342-45

  • “Masculinity and English Architectural Classicism” in
    Gender and Art, Vol. V of Art & Its Histories, Gill Perry, ed.
    Yale University Press, 1999, pp. 130-53

  • “Learning to Read Architecture in the English Renaissance” in
    Albion’s Classicism: Britain and the Visual Arts 1550-1650, ed. Lucy Gent
    New Haven, London: Yale University Press, 1995, pp. 239-286

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