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Fellowships, Scholarships and Teaching Assistantships

Fellowships and Scholarships

Students admitted to the PhD program will receive five-year financial package that includes for each year $16,500 plus tuition. Foreign students will have their higher tuition fully paid with this offer. The sources of funding may vary from year-to-year and may include S.S.H.R.C. and O.G.S. scholarship that you will be expected to apply for each year in October as well as scholarships provided by the Connaught Fund and University of Toronto Fellowships, and Teaching Assistantship and the Research Assistantship funded through the Department.  No T.A. hours will be required if you apply for and receive a S.S.H.R.C., or O.G.S. scholarship. This funding package is contingent in part on your maintaining satisfactory progress toward completion of your degree and acceptance of any work assignment provided as part of the package. The Department and the School of Graduate Studies provide additional support for research and conference travel. These are available to students upon completion of their exams. Applications for other fellowships and scholarship funds are made available in the fall of each year, almost a year prior to the date they commence. Information on deadline dates for submitting applications for next year will be posted in the Department as soon as received. The following are the fellowships and scholarships which the students should take particular note of with the approximate deadline dates for applications.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

Information on the Scholarship is often received only three or four weeks before the deadline date for submission of the application, which is around October 21st. Students who wish to be considered for the University of Toronto Open Fellowship should usually have applied for the OGS. Application forms will be available in the Department.

Teetzel Fellowship

Students in University College should note that the generous bequest of Mrs Rita K. Teetzel (U.C. 1912) provides for four student awards. The Rita K. Teetzel Fellowship (value $4,000) is for a student who enrols in either a graduate program in art history or a program of professional training in art, architecture or urban design (in a degree program at a recognized institution).

Special MA Scholarship

Information on this Scholarship is usually received in September. One must be nominated by a faculty member and the deadline for application is December 1st. Application forms must be specifically requested by the Chair of the Department.

Doctoral Fellowships

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

Information on this Canada wide competitive fellowship is usually received in September. The deadline for applications to the Department is around November 1st. Applications will be available in the Department.
More information about this fellowship can be found on the SSHRC website here.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier CGS program aims to attract and retain world-class doctoral students by supporting students who demonstrate both leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievement in graduate studies in the social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and/or engineering and health. Students wishing to apply for a Vanier CGS can review the application requirements here.

Connaught Scholarship

This Scholarship is the prestige award of the Graduate School and the University of Toronto for 1st year doctoral students maintaining an “A” standing. Application for this award is by Departmental recommendation only.

Mary H. Beatty Fellowship

Entrance fellowship into the doctoral program. Similar conditions as for the Connaught scholarship apply. Application for this award is by Departmental recommendation only.

Art Gallery of Ontario © 2014. Purchase, Frank P. Wood Endowment, 1956

Art Gallery of Ontario © 2014. Purchase, Frank P. Wood Endowment, 1956

Other Scholarships

There are other University and Departmental fellowships and scholarships available to art history students, particularly for research-related travel. Notices for applications deadlines are posted in the Department.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistant (TA) positions are posted  on the CUPE 3902 Noticeboard outside the departmental library and on the University’s Human Resources & Equity CUPE Local 3902 Unit 1 Job Board . Application procedures for these positions are outlined in the specific job postings.

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