Art History Department

Josie Greenhill


I initially enrolled in Art History because of my lifelong interest in art, history, and culture, but my interest has developed into absolute passion since beginning this course of study. I love learning and can often be found in museums and libraries or listening to art history and design podcasts. Prior to joining the MA program at the University of Toronto, I worked as an archives assistant and curatorial assistant for most of my undergraduate degree. I have curated several exhibitions and also have extensive experience in collections management and exhibit installation. Beyond my Pre-Raphaelite focus, I have found myself endlessly fascinated with Victorian objects and spaces: clothing and its effects on the body (inwardly and outwardly), the role and significance of objects in the Victorian home (including books), and the creation of spaces and objects for social reform (specifically William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement).

Areas of Academic Interest
  • Book history and print culture
  • Victorian material culture
  • Sensory studies
  • Aesthetic theory
  • Postmodern theory
Current Research
  • My current research analyzes the book as an art object in the context of Pre-Raphaelite artistic practice. My avenues of inquiry include illustration, typeface, typography, and bindings, and I argue that these elements qualify the book as an integrated, visual art object itself.
  • BA (Hons) Art History and Visual Studies (Minor in Greek and Roman Studies), University of Victoria
Selected Publications
  • “Beauty and the Book: Pre-Raphaelite Artistic Practice Contained.” Electronic Textual Cultures Lab. April 2018. Exhibition and essay.

  • “Collecting Cultures, Constructing Identity: Colonialism and the Nineteenth-Century Museum.” Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award Online Database. March 2018.

  • “The Vesuvian Cities’ Role in the Neoclassical Interior and Archaeological Inquiry.” The Corvette 3.2 (2016).

Recent Awards
  • Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's (SSHRC)
  • Digital Humanities Summer Institute Tuition Scholarship
  • Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award

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