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Edward Bacal


Email: edward.bacal@mail.utoronto.ca | Website: https://utoronto.academia.edu/EdwardBacal

Supervisor: John Paul Ricco


I (Edward Bacal, b. 1988, Toronto) write about contemporary art from the perspective that art is not an object to describe as much as something to think through. My hope is that the experience of art and the experience of writing can bring us to different ways of thinking and so different ways of being. This is what I aspire to in my research, which continually returns to the question of how the experience of art is equally aesthetic and ethical. I am also active in GUStA, having served as President since 2014 and as Symposium co-chair in 2013/14.

Areas of Academic Interest
  • Abstract art from 1960 to present, especially minimalism and post-minimalism; continental philosophy and critical theory; aesthetics and politics and ethics; thanato-politics; embodiment.
Current Research
  • My dissertation examines the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Doris Salcedo, Teresa Margolles, and Santiago Sierra. Specifically, I look at a how they redeploy and re-politicize minimalist forms in order to address particular socio-political conditions in which the figure of the body has disappeared.
  • BA (2011) University of Toronto
  • MA (History of Art, 2012) University College London
Selected Publications
  • 2016

    “Up, Down, Left, Right: Some Thoughts on the Inverse, Reverse, and Double.“ FrameWork 4/16 . www.susanhobbs.com

  • 2015

    “The Concrete and the Abstract: On Doris Salcedo, Teresa Margolles, and Santiago Sierra’s Precarious Bodies.“ Parallax 76

  • 2014

    “Capitalism and Contemporaneity: On Jeremy Deller’s The Battle of Orgreave.“ Kapsula

  • 2013

    “Art Work: Santiago Sierra and Socio-Aesthetics of Production.“ Shift 6

  • “Sharon Lockhart and Steve McQueen: Inside the Frame of Structural Film.“ CineAction 91

Recent Awards
  • 2013 SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship

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