Art History Department

Prabhjeet Johal



Supervisor: SeungJung Kim

I am interested in the intersectionality of cultures in art, architecture and other modes, such as language and literature especially in the Hellenistic period. I am particularly drawn to South Asian and Classical cross-cultural exchange and syncretism in art and architecture as well as the function and reception of Classical art in the East.

Areas of Academic Interest
  • Gandharan art and archaeology
  • Hellenistic art and archaeology
  • Hellenistic syncretism
  • Function and reception of Classical art in the East
  • Hellenistic Bactria and Indo-Greek history, numismatics and art
Current Research
  • My current research interest lies in the function and reception of Classical or Classically inspired art and imagery found in Gandharan Buddhist sites.
  • Mst Classical Archaeology, University of Oxford, 2015
  • BA Archaeology and History of Greece, Rome, and the Near East, University of British Columbia, 2014

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