Art History Department

Tia Sager


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Supervisor: Carl Knappett

I am interested in the art and archaeology of the Bronze Age Aegean, with a particular focus on Minoan and Mycenaean architecture. My research explores social constructions of space during the Late Bronze Age from an interdisciplinary perspective that integrates theoretical and methodological models from art history, architecture, and urban planning.

Areas of Academic Interest
  • Minoan art and archaeology
  • Aegean Bronze Age archaeology
  • Minoan architecture
  • Social interaction and architecture
  • Phenomenology of space
Current Research
  • My current research investigates the social functions and perceptions of the built environment in the Aegean during the Late Bronze Age.
  • MPhil Classical Archaeology, University of Oxford, 2016
  • BA Archaeology and History of Greece, Rome, and the Near East, University of British Columbia, 2014
Recent Awards
  • Elizabeth Alfoldi-Rosenbaum Memorial Award
  • St. Cross College Travel and Research Award
  • Craven Committee Travel and Research Grant

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