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Outside Credits

Credit Courses Offered Outside The Department

Majors may count up to 1 FCE–and Specialists up to 2 FCE–from the courses shown below to satisfy degree requirements for FAH courses. The courses will be credited at the appropriate level (i.e. as 100, 200, 300 or 400 series) and can in certain circumstances be used to meet period distribution requirements. Consult the Undergraduate Coordinator about any course not in this list.

Note: FAH Specialists who intend to pursue graduate studies may petition the Undergraduate Coordiinator (and may solicit a faculty supervisor to recommend the petition) in order to count more than 2 FCEs outside the department toward their FAH Specialist program.

    • (ARC 356H)Design History of Landscape Architecture

  • See the Anthropology Department website (linked in the sidebar) for full course information.

    • (ANT)200Y/311Y/312H/411H/ 412Y/416H/420H

      Archaeological Theory, Techniques, and Analysis

    • (ANT)315H/316H/317H/320Y

      The Americas

    • (ANT)313H

      Asian Prehistory

    • (INI 115Y)Introduction to Film Study

    • (INI 322Y)AvantGarde and Experimental Film

    • (INI 323Y)Women and Representation

    • (INI 324Y)American Filmmaking in the Studio Era

    • (EAS 237Y)Japanese Cinema: Film Form and the Problems of Japanese Modernity

    • (FCS 310Y)French Cinema

    • (FIN 260S)Scandinavian Cinema

    • (GER 351F)Cinema and Society: The Golden Age of German Cinema

    • (GER 352S)German Cinema as Political and Cultural Text

    • (INI 225Y)American Popular Film Since 1970

    • (INI 381H)Aspects of a National Cinema

    • (INI 382H)European Cinemas, European Societies

    • (ITA 240Y)Italian Cinema

    • (SLA225S)Czech and Slovak Cinema From the '60s

    • (SLA 226S)Post-war Polish Cinema

    • (SLA 234F/234S)Russian and Soviet Cinema I & II

    • (SMC 411H)Celtic Cinema

    • (HIS 345S)History and Film

    • (NEW 308F)The Humanism of Satyajit Ray

    • (SLA 424Y)Theatre and Cinema in Extremis

    • (FCS 496S)The Cinema of Jean-Luc Godard

    • (INI 423S)Melodrama in Film

    • (INI 426S)Film Comedy

    • (INI 428S)The Cinematic City: Urban Spaces in Film

    • (INI 460F)Film Noir

    • (INI 462H)Theory, History & the New German Cinema

    • (INI 463H)Early Cinema

    • (INI 464H)Reviewing Hollywood Classicism

    • (INI 465H)Cinema and Technology

    • (INI 484S)Advanced Studies in Cinema: Historiography

    • (EAS 237Y)Japanese Cinema: Film Form and the Problems of Japanese Modernity

    • (EAS 297H)Texts, Images and Objects in East Asia

    • (EAS 342H)

      Art and Religious Experience in Japan

    • (GGR 124Y1Y)Urbanization, Contemporary Cities and Urban Life

    • (GGR 336H)Urban Historical Geography of North America

    • (GGR 361H)Understanding the Urban Landscape

    • (GGR 366H)Historical Toronto

    • (HIS367H)History of Images

    • (HIS 369Y)Aboriginal peoples of the great lakes

    • (NMC 101Y)The Ancient Near East

    • (NMC 260Y)The Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

    • (NMC 261H)Field Archaeology

    • (NMC 361Y)Archaeology of Palestine in the Biblical Period

    • (NMC 362H)The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

    • (NMC 363Y)The Archaeology of Historical Mesopotamia

    • (NMC 365Y)Islamic Archaeology

    • (NMC 366YF)The Islamic City

    • (NMC 368Y)Survey of Islamic Art

    • (NMC 366Y)The Islamic City

    • (NMC 369HF)Archaeological Materials and Industries

    • (NMC 391H)Medieval Islamic Architecture in the Mediterranean Basin

    • (NMC 392H)The Taj Mahal and its Origins

    • (NMC 393H)Early Islamic Art and Architecture

    • (NMC 394HS)Later Islamic Art and Architecture

    • (NMC 461Y)Problems in the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

    • (NMC 464HS)Mediaeval Middle Eastern Ceramics

    • (NMC 466HS)Ancient Near Eastern Ceramics

    • (NMC 467Y)Archaeology and Material Culture of Ancient Egypt

    • (PHL 285H)Aesthetics

    • (PHL 385H)Issues in Aesthetics

    • (PHL 485H)Advanced Topics in Aesthetics

    • (RLG 460F)Religion and Architecture: Galilee and the Decapolis

      Note that this course with changing subject matter is accepted for FAH credit when the content is appropriate, as in this instance.

    • (SMC 200Y)The Christian Imagination

    • (SMC 344Y)Celtic Archaeology and Art

    • (VIC 312Y)Surrealism

    • (VIC 320Y)Semiotics of Visual Art

    • (VIC 342H)Renaissance Sign-Systems and Communication

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