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Art Gallery of Ontario. Copyright 2014. Art Gallery of Ontario ©2014 Art Gallery of Ontario. Copyright 2014. K.S. Siddalinga Swamy. Prasanna Shankar, 1932. Reinhard Reitzenstein, Transformer. 2000. Disk Brooch - The Metropolitan Museum of Art Michael Snow, Place Des Peaux. 1998

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  • Rachel Kulick, Recipient of CAORC 2018-19 Multi-Country Research Fellowship

    The Council of American Overseas Research Centres (CAORC) has named Rachel Kulick (PhD 2017) as one of eight recipients of their 2018-19 Multi-Country Research Fellowship for her project “Bronze Age Urban Environments on Crete and Cyprus: Investigating Socio-Environmental Interactions using… Read More
  • Exposé of my Digging Days

    My name is Tatiana Thoennes, a current fourth year student completing a History of Art Specialist and a Renaissance Studies Major. Last summer, from June 24th to August 4th, 2017, I interned outside of my concentrated area of study as… Read More
  • HASA Conference Report

    On Saturday March 10th, the History of Art Students’ Association (HASA) at the University of Toronto presented the Fourth Annual Undergraduate Symposium; this year in cooperation with the Graduate Union of Students’ of Art (GUStA). The conference was centered around the… Read More
  • Samantha Chang UTAA Graduate Scholar and Sedra Award Finalist

    The University of Toronto Alumni Association has named Samantha Chang (BA 2013 TRIN, MA 2016) as one of three recipients of the UTAA Graduate Scholar and Sedra Award Finalist. The Adel S. Sedra Distinguished Graduate Award is a fellowship awarded… Read More
  • Professor Kavaler recipient of Docteur honoris causa

    Professor Ethan Matt Kavaler has been awarded a prestigious honorary doctorate by the University of Liège in Belgium. The recognition cited Prof. Kavaler’s landmark work on Pierre Bruegel the Elder, his research and teachings at the juncture between the Middle… Read More
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